Monday 27 August 2012

E21 316: MOT + New Brake Hoses.

Took the car in for MOT last week expecting to come home with a great long list of costly repairs, like split bushes or the back being too low and fouling the tyres, so I was hugely relieved to find out it had failed only on a wiper-blade and one brake hose was swelling under pressure!

To celebrate the victory I treated the car to a full set of Goodridge stainless-steel brake-hoses, front and rear, as I figured if one is beginning to swell then they could all do with replacing. The set cost me £93 from CAM Motorsport on eBay, which was slightly dearer than average, but they were the only stockist who could guarantee them in time for my re-test. For the price you also get two 1L cans of Super Blue Racing Brake-Fluid, worth about £30, which has a higher boiling-point than normal, though I doubt I'll ever get to try that out, but hey at least I had some fluid.

Oh, and I also bought the best dang Bosch wiper-blades I could find!


  1. Do you feel the upgrade on the pedal ?

  2. Yes I found the pedal much firmer, but that may just be because my old hoses had been swelling and I had a top-up of fluid. I only use my E21 on the street and woul probably notice a bigger difference in pedal behaviour if I was braking hard more often on a track.

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